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Our dentists, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Grella, have elected to include in their practice a focus on periodontics, the treatment of gums and tissues. The main reason for this focus is that periodontal disease is a serious but highly treatable condition, particularly if it is caught early. It can lead to the loss of teeth, and may be linked with other more serious diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Grella believe that periodontics - preventing, or in the alternative detecting & treating gum disease - plays a vital role in their patients' overall health.  We encourage you to bring the whole family for regular checkups and routine cleaning every six months so that we can ensure your optimal oral health and avoid serious and costly issues in the future. From children to seniors, we know that your dental care needs change over time, and we promise exceptional care and a comfortable experience.  

Did you know that 48% of Canadians who haven't seen a dentist in the past year have gum disease? Regular dental exams and professional cleanings are the best way to prevent and detect problems before they get worse.

Losing a tooth, or more than one, can have lasting effects not only on your smile (and your confidence) but also on the form and function of your mouth. Replacement teeth in the form of dental implants are the most natural-looking way to fill gaps in your jaw and make you want to smile again. Implants bond to your jaw and perform as well or better than your natural teeth, letting you eat what you want and giving you back your confidence.  Our dentists are Dr. Peter Taylor and Dr. Katarzyna Grella. Dr. Taylor has been a dentist serving the Oakville community since 1990, while Dr. Grella has joined the practice more recently.  

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We know how busy the family's schedule can be, so we are pleased to make early morning appointments available (starting at 7 a.m.), and always strive to keep to our schedule to minimize your wait time.

We are welcoming new patients to our dental clinic, and are available to help in an emergency as well. If you find yourself in downtown Oakville in need of a dentist quickly, please contact our office at 905-842-2346.  Our dental clinic is open from 7 a.m. Monday through Friday to give you lots of options for convenient appointment times for the whole family. We are located on Lakeshore Road, one and a half blocks east of Trafalgar, on the north side of the street.  

The entire team at Shore Side Dentistry is committed to providing excellent dental care for your family in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Whether your visit with us is for preventive care or cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile, we promise to deliver the highest standards of professional dental care.

Shore Side Dentistry in Oakville is a general dentistry practice, offering a comprehensive range of services for the entire family, from young children to seniors. These services include routine check-ups with x-rays and hygiene maintenance, cosmetic services such as whitening and repair/replacement of damaged or missing teeth, along with general oral surgery, and root canal therapy. Our commitment to our patients is to provide excellent family dental care in a comfortable and relaxed setting.   If you are dissatisfied with the way your smile looks, you owe it to yourself to explore the options we offer in cosmetic dentistry for improving your teeth's appearance, with whitening for example. We have two systems for brightening your smile: one is a custom set of take-home trays (like mouth guards) that you wear at home with a gel. The other treatment is done in our office, which may be slightly less convenient, but offers better and quicker results. Book an appointment to discuss which plan will suit you.   

If you are looking for a new family dentist in downtown Oakville, or would like to discuss your options for cosmetic dental services, please stop by our clinic on Lakeshore to meet our team, or call 905-842-2364 to schedule an appointment.

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